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Welcome to Clark-Shaw Magnet School Visual Arts

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We are proud to follow the Mobile County Standards for Fine Art Education, The Alabama Standards of Art Education, and the National Standards for the Visual Arts. The National Standards for Art Education represents, in part, the results of a two-year effort by the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations to set standards for arts education in the United States.


Using program characteristics of all the above and including additional goals the Clark-Shaw Art Department seeks to enable our students to accomplish the following:

  • Creative Problem-Solving: Generating multiple solutions to a given problem or project; choosing the most appropriate solution for implementation
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Exploring and implementing the concepts of the Visual Arts; including cross-curriculum subjects: math, history, language and science.
  • Multicultural Awareness: Understanding the cultural diversity of the world.
  • Technology: Combining the creative spirit with technological advances in computer-generated imaging, video production, film-making and photography.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Analyzing, comparing, evaluating, and synthesizing information and ideas.
  • Life-Long learning: Maintaining throughout one's life the curiosity experienced through Visual Arts Instruction.
  • Create a positive environment for students to have freedom of expression, build self-esteem, and confidence.

I look forward to teaching you, and meeting Parents. Please click on the above forms link for important art supplies information. See you soon!

Mr. B.


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