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"After-School Assistance"  

Science Tutoring available on Wednesdays, from 2:45-3:15

  • Your student must have a signed permission form (classroom & web)-please come to Rm 125 by 3:15 to pick up your student
  • Student must be picked up by 3:15 or sent to Extended Day with resulting fees

Science fair project assistance as needed (Tuesday through Thursday)-please notify me as soon as you know when you may be able to stay

  • Student must be picked up by prearranged time or sent to Extended Day with resulting fees

Library open Tuesday through Thursday until 4:00

  • Your student must have a signed permission form for Mrs. Mouton (on web)-please give her permission slip at least one day in advance

Science Fair News!  

Parents & Students

**Please note the science fair forms now available on the website. Your students should already have one, but additional copies may be downloaded as needed. Encourage your student to adhere to the established timeline so adequate time will be available for a meaningful project. Beginning next year, all high school students obtaining an Advanced Diploma with Honors must complete at least one science fair project during his/her four year career. Once again, our Clark students will have an advantage. Please notify us by email and/or telephone if you have any questions or need our assistance in any way.

**Parents, you may access the following website to obtain guidelines & rules for the International Science Fair, refer to these as our definitive guidelines (although they are geared towards pre-college and college projects) because any entry into the Mobile Regional Science and Engineering Fair must adhere to these rules. This experience at the Mitchell Center of USA has provided many students with exposure to a unique science event, since anyone that desires to may participate. 

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