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Technology and Math Come Together Beautifully!
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Thursday, January 05, 2017
Math and Technology - Beautiful Results!
Math and Technology - Beautiful Results!
3-D Printed Snowflakes

Mrs. Nordmann's technology students really put their math skills to use with this 3-D printed project. First, the students observed photos of real snowflakes. They noticed that all snowflakes in nature are based on a hexagonal shape. They also noticed that all sides are fairly symetrical. Next, the students opened SketchUp and started designing. They created a hexagon with the polygon tool. Snowflakes are so detailed that it would be quite time consuming to repeat each design for multiple sides. The students figured out that they could divide their hexagon into six sections, design one section, and copy and rotate to the other five sections. This is where their math skills came in handy. How many degrees are in each section? How many degrees do you need to rotate the copy to place it in the correct position for the next section? 

These are the basic math skills that most students will continue to use for the rest of their lives. In Clark-Shaw's technology class, we practice them every day. 

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