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Clark-Shaw Winners at MCPSS County Science Fair
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Monday, February 20, 2017
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Mobile County Science Fair  
Middle School Winners List    
3rd Grice, Taylor 8 Irby   Wanted: DNA Extraction
Earth/Space Science          
2nd Travis, Chase 6 Kirksey   Rocks=Erosion Stop?
HM Taylor, Alexis 7 Mutchnick Best Riffles?
1st Jackson, Luke 7 Mutchnick Homemade Plastic
2nd MacDonald, Sophia 8 Irby   Waves of Light
Environmental Science          
1st Freeman, Kayleigh 7 Daigle   Dam Those Floodwaters!
2nd Fillmore, Isabel 8 Miller   The Air We Breathe
3rd Martin, Isabella 8 Irby   911: The Sea Calls
Math and Computer Science          
1st Patterson, Hannah 8 Irby   Algebraic Hot Spots
Physical Science - Chemistry          
1st Stefurak, Lane 8 Miller   "Just Brew It!"
2nd Prather, Omari 7 Daigle   Hot Hues  
Physical Science - Physics          
1st Barrow, Addison 8 Irby   Sheild Yourself!
3rd Darrough, Sophia 6 Kirksey   Barnacle Growth
Special Awards          
Best Overall Middle School        
  Stefurak, Lane 8 Miller   "Just Brew It!"
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