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Regional Science Fair Winners
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Regional Science Fair Winners 2017    
Best In Show Junior Division        
1st Christian Medema "Sports Drinks Exposed"    
2nd Emily Walker "Pansy Perspiration"    
Behavioral & Social Science        
2nd  Nathan Wallace "Hold the Front Door"    
3rd Carson Jones "What's Trending"    
1st Emily Walker "Pansy Perspiration"    
2nd Ansley Duke "How Does Your Garden Grow"    
1st Adam Gooch "The Fresh Prints of Bel-Air"    
3rd Lane Stefurak "Just Blew It"    
Earth and Space Science          
1st  Zachary Stutsman "How Meanders Affect Stream Erosion"
3rd Alexis Taylor " Best Riffles?"    
1st Jackson Currie "What R#1"  
2nd Julia Solano "Put Water to Work, Use Flowing Water"  
3rd Kyle Peterson "Shake It Up"  
Environmental Science          
1st Suhas Patil "Solar Power Desalination"  
2nd Kayleigh Freeman "Dam Those Floodwaters"  
Math and Computers          
1st Hannah Patterson "Algebraic Hot Spots"    
3rd  Aiham Alhmoud "How Hot's Your CPU?"    
Medicine and Health          
1st Isabel Fillmore "The Air We Breathe"    
2nd Zachary Nameniuk "Dye' N for Blue"    
3rd Justin Stewart "What's In Your Cup"    
Physical Science          
1st Michael Gurganus "How Efficient is the Yeti Cup"    
2nd Russell Person "Solid CO2 Power"    
4th Christian Medema "Sports Drinks Exposed"    
3rd Sophia Darrough "Barnacle Growth"    
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