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Clark-Shaw Winners at MCPSS County Science Fair
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Monday, March 05, 2018

Congratulations to our Mobile County District Science Fair Winners! Clark-Shaw won more first place ribbons than any other middle school in Mobile and more ribbons as well!

Carley Mattingly  1st Behavioral and Social Science
Breanna Faircloth  2nd Chemistry
Samuel Godwin  2nd Chemistry
Brayden Thornberg  2nd Engineering
Savannah Smith   3rd Engineering
Jonathan Russell  1st Environmental Sciences
Louisa Forbes  2nd Environmental Sciences
Henry Smith  3rd Environmental Sciences
Will Wallace  HM Environmental Sciences
David Hadley  1st Math & Computer Sciences
Abigale Van den Bosch  3rd Math & Computer Sciences
Taya Scott  1st Medicine & Health
Trevor Loper  2nd Medicine & Health
Will Dollison  HM Physical Science
Jasia Davidson  3rd Zoology
Presli Turner  HM Zoology

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Congratulations to the Clark-Shaw Winner of Mobile Regional Science and Engineering Fair! Is Clark-Shaw Magnet a Technology School? Eagle Entries to Gulf Coast Holocaust Center's Annual Writing and Art Competition Clark-Shaw National History Day Stars Jimmy John's Spirit Nights Scheduled. Congratulations to Taya Scott winner of Clark-Shaw Magnet's "It Starts with Us" Award.
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