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The life experience of a community of men, women, and children include numerous elements such as business, education, recreation, and religion.  In light of these diverse elements and the constantly changing growth of the individual as he develops physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually, conflicts are created in the individual, social groups, and even community.  The purpose of the schools is to facilitate development in all these areas which can help resolve that conflict.  Music, as an expressive medium, can provide a unique means to such growth.


Music is expressive of the life of feeling; it has served man in his need to express his knowledge of human emotion.  A comprehensive music education program should expose to students the nature of music and help them build a personal relationship with music.  In order for students to realize what place music has in their lives, the entire spectrum of musical experiences should be provided.  These experiences include the performing, listening, and creating of music.  Exploring music through the means of a musical instrument can provide a unique pathway to music's expressive significance.  An instrumental music program can also offer an outlet for social interaction, personal achievement, and personal development.






The goals of this Middle School Band Program are:


To provide instruction for any student wanting to learn to play an instrument


To provide an ensemble setting where the student can apply musical skills as those skills develop


To develop in the student musical skills that can further his enjoyment in performing, listening to and creating music


To help the student develop an aesthetic responsiveness to music


To promote in the student a lasting, personal relationship with music


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