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Science EQT Concept Review Guide for First Quarter  

The 1st Quarter Science EQT Concept Review Guide can be downloaded from my File Manager page on this website or my Moodle page. I am also sending it by Remind 101. Students should have that completed by Monday. We will check it on Monday. Please refer to the school website for the EQT schedule.

Homework 9/22/2017  

Students who did not finish the assigned classwork this week need to finish the assignments this weekend. The assignments will be checked for accuracy Monday, 9/25/17. Students may access all work electronically. Electricity assignment: read textbook pp. 680-685. Complete Science Notebook pp. 194-195 on notebook paper. Magnetism assignment: read textbook pp. 717-723. Complete Science Notebook pp. 204-205 on notebook paper. See File Manager for PDF files of classwork.

Gravity and Friction Homework Due Friday, 9/15/17  

Gravity and friction homework is due Friday, 9/15/17. Please see the Assignment page for details. Also, see the File Manager for directions on how to save the digital homework packet.

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